My Interests


I am specialized in flexible and agile (Agile / Lean) management style. I worked 2011-2014 as a Managing Director of ICT service center at Kerava city/Finland (employees 35). My focus was 1) to implement new strategic thinking 2) to get new customers, as well as to 3) to incorporate the enterprise.

I was able to increase my organization size by 26% taking care of IT tasks of a new customer, and to launch incorporation of the service center, including the new working culture with the key words: transparency, inspection and adaptation (of processes).

Extending cooperation between municipalities has meant a synergy of all customers of the metropolitan area. Also, our organization started to become agile and transparent. The productivity of my organization has increased 8% (pa) since 2009. Employee satisfaction increased significantly and thus reducing sick-leaves by 18% (since 2010).

I likeĀ opportunities to use my strategic experience in an international environment. I want to be part of the global scale business. I have good co-operation and interaction skills, as well as cross-cultural skills. I have wide national as well as international network of contacts among the technology companies.

I prefer managerial role where I can:
1. Build and maintain alignment among multiple stakeholders
2. Build effective collaboration networks to help integrate consistent solutions
3. Establish and oversee a data management advisory council
4. balance team and individual responsibilities; building teams and consensus;
getting things done through others not directly under his/her supervision
5. Develop policies and practices to guide data information collection
6. Ensure consistent compliance with policies, standards and tools
7. Be responsible for strategic and tactical planning,
focusing on solutions for current and future business data practice problems.
8. to use my deep software and analytics (big data) experience in modern management

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