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Antti Ahonen
motto: Simple is beautiful
  ICT experience over 25yrs  
  Data analysis  
  Teaching experience  
  Marketing experience  
  SW project mgmt  
  SW tools  
  Search engines  
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Tuusula, Finland
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Corporate Management, Keuda: Kerava
Specialist Vocational Qualification / Knowledge Management
details: ICT service management
Vocational Teacher Qualification
Hämeen ammattikorkeakoulu (HAMK)
Department of Technology and Transportation at HAMK teacher education, pedagogical qualification
Master of Science (Tech.), Aalto University
Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Department of Electrical Engineering)
Laboratory for Theoretical Computer Science
Matriculation examination
Mäntsälän lukio: Mäntsälä
Senior Consultant / CEO
Uniknit Ltd, ICT consultancy
2014 - current
* Three business areas: training, consultancy, and start-up mentoring
* independent consultancy, e.g. Data Analysis (Big Data), IT Project Mgmt
* Hansel subcontractor to Amiedu: training TDD and IT security
* Coaching banking sector to adapt SAFe and LeSS frameworks (Agile)
* best practices based digital marketing consultancy
* training: efficient, interactive software management and training/coaching (e.g. agile IT sourcing)
* project/portfolio management (e.g. PMO, Agile/Lean)
Managing Director
Tietotekniikan palvelukeskus, Kerava city, Manage ICT service centre
* responsible for increasing the size of Service Centre and changing the company structure
* responsible for providing excellent IT services in customer organizations
* charge of improving ICT business processes in customer communes
* charge of coaching and mentoring personnel in service centre (Lean/Agile)
* member of Kerava City steering group
* Achievements: productivity increase of 8% (pa), a new municipal client acquisition, increased production capacity by 26%
Agile Trainer/Coach
Tieturi Oy, Help people to use Agile methods
* responsible for training Agile methodologies
* charge of coaching/mentoring Product Owners, Business Owners in Agile mode of operation
* Achievements: Consolidating Tieturi's position in advanced training company (Lean/Agile)
Business Development Mentor
HiQ Finland Ltd, Improve business and ICT communication
* charge of driving a BI project in mobile business
* responsible for coaching/mentoring Product/Business Owners in Agile using LeSS framework
* charge of coaching and training execution teams in adapting Agile practices
* responsible for HiQ Finland's Scrum training
* (responsible for deploying new logistics tools and WoW in logistics sector)
* Achievements: Lean/Agile Management culture cascaded to several large organizations (Nokia Marketing/Care, Itella Logistics)
Business Development Manager
OP Bank, Credit Trade Software Development
* charge of driving a pilot project in banking sector acting (Agile Coaching)
* charge of coaching/mentoring Product Owners and ScrumMasters in Scrum projects (using LeSS)
* charge of evaluating and finding the best practices in customer's business environment
* member of ICT Steering Group
* Achievements: size of 1Meuro project coached into production on-time, over 100k euros cost savings
Project Manager / Agile Training
HiQ Finland Ltd, Scrum Master, Scrum Trainer
* charge of managing Agile pilot project and to train personnel in development/customer projects
* responsible for deploying 1st BEA AquaLogic portal configuration in Finland
* responsible for an achitecture guide lines
* member of ICT Steering Group
* Achievements: Preparing own organization into Agile Operating Model
Senior Specialist
Nokia Siemens Networks, OSS Performance
* charge of innovating, designing and implementing a new installation/upgrade process for Nokia
* charge of providing the database layer for large amount of data
* responsible for performance tuning and optimisation of Oracle database
* charge of evaluating new database tools faor map-based network optimization
* member of a Scrum project and a team member in a Scrum team
* Achievements: Reform for the whole product family (Installation / Upgrade) process -> patent application
Managing Director
Unknit Oy, SW project consultancy
* responsible for sales and marketing strategy
* charge of implement several software projects successfully
* responsible for training software developers and architects
* responsible for leading company's own manufacturing process
* responsible for the business strategy of the company
* Achivements: The first web-based ERP system for Finnish municipal sector (Espoo); several successful software project deliveries (e.g. public authorities, communal libraries)
Big Data Analyst
Aalto University, Team of Neural Networks Research Center
Project Manager
Laatukolmio Oy
SW developer
Nokia Data Systems Oy:
SW developer
Erkki Kauppila Ky
Coding teacher
Mäntsälän lukio
High School coding club
Contact info
Tuusula, Finland
COBIT Foundation
in Helsinki (Tieturi)
ITIL Foundation
in Kerava (JSM Consulting)
Product Owner
in Helsinki (Danube inc)
in Helsinki (Danube inc)
ISEB ISTQ Foundation
in Espoo (Tieto)
Agile Alliance
Scrum Alliance
SPINNO startup hatchery
Executing Spinno hatchery program; beginning as a startup company
in Espoo
Additional economics courses
Aalto University
Economics and Accounting (TKK) - 5 courses (i.e. Foreign exchange and money market doctrines, Finance theories, Micro Economics and the theory of Market forces, Export seminar)
Skills and Abilities
Categories: general, marketing, PM skills,
Technical skills: admin/expert/advanced/other
ICT experience over 25yrs
20 years of experience in software business, up-to-date knowledge of project management and software development (including programming languages), special skills of administrating and tuning of various relational database management systems (RDBMS)
Data analysis
Expert level
Long experience in data analysis including bigdata/smalldata, IoT,ETL-streams. PhD level studies in knowledge mgmt.
Teaching experience
Agile ICT project management, TDD, IT security
finnish: Ketterä projektinhallinta ICT-projekteissa, Teknisen tietoturvan perusteet, Peruskoulun koodauskerho (Riihikallion koulu)
Marketing experience
Fast evolving Digital Marketing methods and tools using Social Media (SoMe) tools and current Internet channels, e.g. AdWords, Facebook, Instagram
SW project mgmt
Admin level
Agile methods: Scrum Master, Team member, Product Owner, Agile Coach experience in LeSS/SAFe frameworks.. Waterfall model: Project Manager experience in several projects more than 15 years.
SW tools
Expert level
RDBS: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySql, Sybase, Caché, Ingres, Informix Data analysis (data storages, search engines)
Big Data: Hadoop, ELK stack (ElasticSearch)
Service integration: RESTFul, JSON, JBoss, Tomcat
Programming languages: Java/J2EE, C/C++, SQL, Objective-C, Perl, Python, PHP, Ruby, Basic, Pascal
XML/XSL(T), Apache (Tomcat/Jetspeed), JBoss, Eclipse, Hybernate, Zope/Plone, Liferay
Linux (Ubuntu/Debian/RedHat/Gentoo/Suse), MacOSX, MS Windows, IBM/AIX, HP/UX, Silicon Graphics
Media Wiki/Twiki, MS Office (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, FrontPage)
platforms (portals): WordPress, BEA WLS/WLD/AquaLogic
Multisite environment: Live meetings, tele-conference calls, Skype-meetings
Search engines
Expert level
Deep ELK stack experience, from setting up ELK environment to massive data uploads to ElasticSearch
Other ...
Analythical problem solving skills which are proved in many difficult software development and project management situations
Ability to desing and work with theoretical topics and implement those into practical solutions
Social contact info
fb: antti.vo.ahonen
twitter: anadigifin
Amateur theatre
Mäntsälän teatteri
roles: Rautavaara-musical 2014-2015, Reino Helismaa
First eBook project: participating Digital marketing course
eBook name: Psykopaatin päiväkirja
Expert level
Interest-free Banking : Running first Finnish interest free, ethical bank called JAK Finland Osk (Head of the board)
Student mentoring, PhD studies about Knowledge management and Business intelligence
Native Finnish speaker
Advanced level in English
Good level in Swedish (intermediate in French)